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Carbinox Vortex
Victor Rosario
Different Generation of SmartWatch

I'm pleased with the watch after having it for a few days. The battery life is much better than my previous other brands of smartwatches. The features work much better and are more accurate. My only request would be the ability to add more apps to the watch.

Better than I dreamed.

This watch is great, love the look & the durability of it so far. I’ll be buying the woman of my dreams one soon as she loves the function on it. My only complaint is I have big hands & my wrist is bigger than normal also, so a larger band would be nice to be able to select when ordering. Happy I joined the CARBINOX family.

Carbinox Vesta Gloss Black
Jerome Monistere
Watch band

Very nice works great with my vesta

Carbinox Vortex
Shane Proffitt
Great watch but some fixes needed

Having to download a third party app to get the watch to work is bad to me. There is a carbinox app but it won't pick up the watch. Also need to be able to delete apps on the watch that you don't want or need. It's a pretty nice watch and battery life so far is great, just needs better app customization, like being able to text from the watch and removing unwanted apps and to use the actual carbinox app would make it really amazing

I like the watch but the band sucks

Please make better bands

Carbinox Vortex
Jamie Roberts
Bad ass

I had one couple years ago and love it but the band broke on it had hard time trying to find one to replace it seen the vortex online I’m a true customer of carbinox now love this new one

Greatest watch ever

I loved these watches the moment I saw them but could not afford one. I just bought 2 of them.

Awesome so far

It's been 8 days and still at 25% battery left. The graphics could be better especially for text messages and get rid of the rainbow 🤦‍♂️

Other than that, I'm completely satisfied

Your competitions claiming 21 day battery life only lasted 21 HOURS and they REFUSED to refund me after 48 hours

I'm going to use it now on the shooting range to see how long it'll last out there.

Carbinox Vortex
David Flanders
Great watch

Very nice watch, looks great and works as it should no issues. Battery life wasn’t quite as good as claimed.

My super Carbinox

I am very happy with my new super watch with multiple functions and last longer battery thank you Carbinox

Good watch for the price

Easy to setup
Takes little time to get used to the layout
Simple to change the bands as needed

Pretty great it not perfect.

So far so good but it could use a few improvements as in widgets. It would be nice if the watch faces were more interactive instead of just having text and calls interactive. Also it seems to go off-line quite a bit. it would also be nice to be able to respond through text message instead of just reading it and for some reason it’s very slow to show a text come through. But I do like the way it works, the interface and the overall look and feel of the watch.

Carbinox Vortex
Chris Pruitt

I’m not very good with technology and found the app a little complicated as far as getting the information from my phone to my watch but over I’m happy with the durability of the watch

Loving my watch

This is the best thing since slice bread. Now I can keep track of my levels and send them to my doctor

Carbinox Vortex
Great product.

The watch is just as good as the ads make it seem! I work in EMS, and It works well and is reliable, the battery lasts, and the interface is versatile. It’s rugged, and It looks good and functions good as well.

Carbinox Vortex
Ryan Kaza
Great Watch

Owned a 2nd generation Apple Watch and was time to upgrade. I saw Carbinox and bought one for me and my dad for Father’s Day. You can’t beat the price and the battery life. It does everything my Apple Watch did less text but the voice command works great if you want to send a message. I’m happy with my purchase and it has held up with my lifestyle.


Watch is fantastic 10/10

Love my watch

This watch is great for battery life and durability! Has all of the things a normal smart watch has and added battery life. Awesome!

Carbinox Vortex
Jose Benavidez
Carbinox Easily Scores 5 Stars In My Experience

I received my watches before the promised delivery date. They were in very nice packages. They looked nice and durable from the start. The software has been flawless. They are not just another watch claiming to be tough. 5 Stars all the way around.

My watch set got here super quick! The only issue is it had no charge. I love the features and the easy functionality of it's uses!

Exactly what they said

I am a heavy equipment mechanic/ welder, and I've had my Carbinox Vortex for a few weeks now, and surprisingly this watch exactly how the advetise it. I put this thing through some abuse, and not a scratch, and the battery last as long as they say. This is my first smart watch , and so fo I am extremely happy with it.

Carbinox Vortex
Hayden Burns
It’s not what I expected

It’s not what I expected but it is the strongest watch I’ve had so ig I can’t complain

Carbinox Ivy
Kaila Gibson


Carbinox Tactical Backpack
Trasyn Crandall
Fantastic for the price.

The backpack is HUGE. I’ve been loving using it as my fishing/camping bag. For $80 at Cabelas or bass pro you might get a tiny bag or a shirt or something along the lines of that. This bag is amazing, definitely worth looking into.

Carbinox Vortex
Tray Trentham
Vortex and metal band

I love the watch I weld use a torch and grinder every day for work any other watch would have burn spots in the glass the Carbinox vortex the best smart watch for the working man and the metal band really compliments the watch as well. I almost forgot the best part the battery last for ever. I go 7-10 days with out having to charge it. Thank you Carbinox for the great products and the free gift.