2x Tempered Glass Pack for Carbinox X-Ranger

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Protect your smartwatch screen with our Tempered Glasses.

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Lance Taylor

Overall an excellent experience. Only drawback so far is that my watch can’t or won’t display emoticons or pictures. Very rugged and the battery lasts for days and days and when it does need charged, it charges really quickly. I would definitely recommend this watch to any outdoor enthusiasts.

Hermen Martinez
Great product, just as described

The run down.
The watch came with +- half battery. Works very well and has a lot of functions that took a bit of getting use to. Box comes with a simple screen protector ( I recommend upgrading it on the options list like I did ) / with one pad charger, I didn't know that and ordered an extra.
The Software - works well, Bluetooth range is less than wireless headphones. The software app Gloryfit is a bit hard to use but just takes some time getting use to. Waiting on what software upgrades are to come.
Over all Watch is amazing, just as advertised. Software is a complicated but workable. Watch straps are a OK, I am looking for alternatives - Second hold down loop keeps sliding upwards towards face. Charging it is FAST. Battery life is amazing!
Solid 9 out of 10 in my book

Fenya Joy

2x Tempered Glass Pack for Carbinox X-Ranger

Ben Grossman

2x Tempered Glass Pack for Carbinox X-Ranger

Bobby Shiowaki
Very durable watch

I have the X-Ranger watch and I love that I can receive texts and make and receive phone calls. The range between the watch and my iPhone needs to be within 10 ft or it won’t connect. And when I turn the phone icon “on” it somehow turns off on its own. So I have to check that each time I look to see what time it is. I love that the battery lasts a very long time. The battery lasts 10 to 15 days before I need to charge it. I’m hoping there will be an update to fix the phone icon to stay on and not turn off when I want it to stay on.

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